Fort Selden Historic Site

Photo Gallery

Ranger Nathan Stone provides a bluesuit demonstration to a group of school children on the uniform of a soldier stationed at Fort Selden.Playing with toys typical of the frontier during one of  Fort Selden Historic Site's Summer Kid Camps.Courtland Tyler portrays Buffalo Soldier Corporal Richard Anderson at Voices of the Past 2019.Neil Fuller portrays a trader at Voices of the Past 2018.Meghan Berver and Sydney Polk portray a curandera and her patient during Voices of the Past 2018.Luminarias are featured every December at Fort Selden Historic Site's annual Las Noches de Las Luminarias.Part of the exhibit inside the museum at Fort Selden Historic Site.The Deming Fusilliers perform during a special event at Fort Selden Historic Site.El Paso Boy Scouts pose for a photo after volunteering at Fort Selden helping with adobe preservation.Rosalia de Aragon portrays La Llorona during her Chautauqua performance of La Llorona: The Wailing Woman.A light snow dusts the walkway to the Fort Selden Museum.Fort Selden's working horno on display preparing to bake fresh bread.Sarah Addison portrays Mrs. Mary Chapman at Voices of the Past 2019.Jim Frederick with the NM Gold Prospectors showcases gems and minerals of southern New Mexico during a special event at Fort Selden.Cane Cholla (cylindropuntia imbricata) is recognizable throughout the southwest United States for its shrubby-shape and silhouette. It is similar in appearance to buckhorn and staghorn chollas. The limbs of the dead plant can be used to make walking sticks and other items.Adobe making during a summer day camp at Fort Selden Historic Site.Van Ann Moore portrays Dona Tules during her Chautauqua performance of Amazing Women of the Wild West. One of the historic chuckwagons at Fort Selden Historic SiteA scene from Los Noches de Las Luminarias at Fort SeldenA soldier campfire at the annual Los Noches de Las LuminariasDr. Rick Hendricks portrays Adolph Lea at Voices of the Past 2019The ruins of the administration buildings of Fort SeldenThis Sentinel sculpture honors the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier.Offices, Storerooms, and Workshops.HospitalOfficers' QuartersOfficers' QuartersOfficers' QuartersYellow wildflowers that grow around the site.Historic Military InsigniaEntrance to Fort Selden Historic Site Visitor Center.Mount Robledo overlooking barracks ruins.Hospital RuinsMount Robledo overlooking barracks ruins.Mount Robledo ridge line through ruins.A Buffalo Soldier statue stands at Fort Selden as a testament to the brave men stationed there.The Post Hospital ruins of Fort Selden taken from the Parade Ground.A historic image of Fort Selden taken from the Parade Ground of the Administration portion of the Fort. Note the section of stone walls where the jail was located. Negative # 055040 A historic image of Fort Selden. Negative # 001742Snow blankets the Fort Selden ruins.Men of Troop G, 8th Cavalry patrol Box Canyon, near Fort Selden. This unit was stationed at Fort Selden from 1871-1873. Negative # 155008 (U.S. Army Signal Corps)An aeriel shot of the Fort Selden ruins likely circa 1970s.A historic image of Fort Selden from the Post Road (also known as El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro).A historic image of Fort Selden from the Post Road (also known as El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro). Note, the line of trees planted along the fort's walls. Negative # 055045. Historic photograph of Fort Selden when the post was active. Image taken on Parade Ground with Enlisted Soldier Barracks, Post Hospital, and Robledo Mountains in the background. Negative # 014523.The Rio Grande winding its way past Fort Selden Historic SiteA mounted Apache at Fort Selden during special event.