Fort Selden Historic Site

Photo Gallery

This Sentinel sculpture honors the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier.Chuck WagonMilitary WagonOffices, Storerooms, and Workshops.HospitalOfficers' QuartersOfficers' QuartersOfficers' QuartersYellow wildflowers that grow around the site.The museum and visitor's center.Historic Military InsigniaEntrance to Fort Selden Historic Site Visitor Center.Beer Bottle Exhibit. Beer killed more soldiers than the enemy did.Mount Robledo overlooking barracks ruins.Hospital RuinsMount Robledo overlooking barracks ruins.Mount Robledo ridge line through ruins.Hospital WardThis Sentinel sculpture honors the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier.Parade ground with hospital ruins.Bronze bas-reliefs, Sonny Rivera, artist.'A tributhe to the men of color who served and protected the western frontier.' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.'Meeting of the Nations' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.'Positioning the Canons' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.'Doing Laundry' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.'Guarding the Railroad' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.'Cavalry Charge' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.The barracks at Ft. Selden. Negative # 055040 A horse and wagon outside of Ft. Selden, which is dwarfed by the surrouding countryside. Negative # 001742Snow blankets the walls of Ft. Selden.Wagons at Ft. Selden. Negative # 055038 A Buffalo Soldier statue stands at Ft. Selden as a testement to the brave men stationed there.Men of Troop G, 8th Cavalry patrol Box Canyon, near Ft. Selden. Negative # 155008 (U.S. Army Signal Corps)The walls of Ft. Selden, as seen in 1965. Negative # 055338.Looking down on Ft. Selden from the surrounding hills.The imposing New Mexico terrain looms over Ft. Selden.Reveille at Ft. Selden? Not quite. The clarity of the picture, the crumbling fort walls, and the modern flagpole suggest that this is a reenactment--or even the dedication of the monument itself. The flag appears accurate though, with only 38 stars.A wagon leaves the gates--and protection--of Ft. Selden for the unknown of the New Mexico frontier. Note, the line of trees planted along the fort's walls. Negative # 055045. An interesting mix of formal and informal poses at Ft. Selden. A few soliders stand at attention, a couple in the back have their arms folded, and almost no one appears to be in any kind of formation. Negative # 014523.A stagecoach pulls into Ft. Selden during a special event. The Rio Grande winding its way past Ft. Selden.A cavalry officer patrols the areas around Ft. Selden.A mounted Apache at Ft. Selden during special event.