Fort Selden Historic Site

Visitors to Fort Selden Historic Site can experience more than 1400 years of history!

As early as 400 A.D. Native American farmers, the Mogollon, lived on the same land that would become Fort Selden centuries later. In 1598, the area was known as Paraje Robledo, or Cruz de Robledo, a welcome paraje [campsite] on El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, or the Royal Road to the Interior Lands. Fort Selden was established in April 1865 to bring peace to the region. Several of the units that served there were African-American only regiments referred to as Buffalo Soldiers. Fort Selden was abandoned in 1891 as hostilities lessened and the needs of the military changed. Today, ghostly adobe ruins are all that remain of Fort Selden offering visitors a glimpse of another time.

Visiting Information

Hours and Days of Operation: 

Wednesday-Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm

Closed Sunday-Tuesday

Although the visitor center remains temporarily closed, guests can take a walking tour through the site, see the historic ruins, and enjoy the beauty of the Chihuahuan Desert. We look forward to your visit, and remind you to bring your mask. We have been hard at work preparing our facility for your return, following all COVID-safe practices.