Mountain Lion

Puma Concolor

It's a Cougar. It's a Puma. It's a Mountain Lion. It's a Panther. It's a Catamount. Actually, this creature is referred to as all of those things!
Captured on film is this regal Puma concolor ("cat of one color") that we were lucky enough to have recorded video footage of using the game camera in the backcountry of Los Luceros. The male Mountain Lion can grow up to 150 pounds and can be up to 8-feet long, while females can grow up to 90 pounds and 7-feet long. Mountain Lions have a varied diet that includes reptiles, insects, rodents, and birds but they prefer larger ungulates such as deer, elk, and bighorn sheep. We certainly have plenty of elk and deer on the property!
It is always important to remember how to be safe in Big Cat Country. Remember: Never run from a mountain lion, instead make yourself appear large by opening your coat above your head or raising your arms, do not crouch down, step away carefully while facing the mountain lion, make a lot of noise while looking it in the eyes, and if attacked, try to remain standing and fight back. Other tips to remember: do not hike alone and NEVER approach wildlife!
As always a huge thank you to our partners at Pajarito Environmental Education Center for letting us borrow the game camera that captured this amazing moment.