Fort Selden Historic Site

Junior Ranger Program

Become a junior ranger!

There's no age limit to becoming a junior ranger at Fort Selden Historic Site. Join Ranger Rita on a trip through 1,400 years of history at this site!

There are two ways to become a junior ranger. You can visit us at Fort Selden and ask any staff member for your junior ranger activity book and a pencil. Once completed, they'll award you your certificate of completion! However, we know that not everyone may have the opportunity to visit us on site. So the second way is that you can get started on your junior ranger activity book at home by downloading it HERE

If you have finished it from home, you can email our Instructional Coordinator Alexandra at Let her know what your favorite activity was and she will email you your certificate! Feel free to email her with any questions as well.

We will see you on site fellow junior rangers!