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In accordance with revised public health directives, the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) has closed its museums and historic sites to the public until further notice. The safety and well-being of our employees and visitors is the DCA's foremost concern. We appreciate your ongoing support and understanding. Please continue to visit this website for updates and to explore virtual visits, programs, and educational opportunities.

Coronado Virtual Classroom

Arial Kuaua View

Palace of the Governors Photo Archives

Kuaua Pueblo Through Time

Travel through time and discover the Kuaua Pueblo and it's people.


New World Fruits

Creative Commons

The Columbian Exchange

Understand the lifeways and trade paths used between the 'Old World' and the 'New World'


Coronado and the Seven Cities of Cibola

Creative Commons

Coronado and the Seven Cities of Cibola

Follow the journey of Coronado and learn more about the places he searched for and the people he impacted.

Coming 5/1/20