Lincoln Historic Site

Learning Resources

Lockdown in Lincoln (Torreon) Lesson Plan

 Irons in the Fire (Branding) Lesson Plan

History Where It Happened-Virtual Tour of NM Historic Sites

Educational Programs

You are invited to history in your own backyard.  If Billy the Kid returned to Lincoln in 2017, he would have no trouble finding his way around!

Our goal is to give your students an in-person appreciation of our shared history while incorporating concepts that tie in with NM standards for your social studies curriculum.

Not able to come to Lincoln?  Our Instructional Coordinators can come to you for a presentation at your school.  Please contact us for more information.

or call the Anderson-Freeman Visitor's Center at Lincoln Historic Site  575-653-4025 to make a reservation.

On-Site Tour Scheduling (weather permitting):

(Please contact us 2-4 weeks in advance to schedule your tour).

School tours may be scheduled Wed.-Fri. for a morning or afternoon session.

  • Morning Session:  10:00-2:00 (Not including bathroom or lunch breaks.)
  • Afternoon Session:  12:00-2:00  (Not including bathroom or lunch breaks.)

Touring Lincoln and Fort Stanton Historic Sites:  

Lincoln and Fort Stanton Historic Sites are within 12 miles of each other and both provide completely different learning opportunities for your students.  Since the stories of both sites are connected by the Lincoln County War, you may consider a tour at one site in the morning, a lunch break and then complete the experience with a tour of the other site in the afternoon.  For most classes, this option is typically influenced by drive time and bus schedules.

Teachers & Chaperones:

Lincoln Historic Site can accommodate tours up to 60 students.  For safety reasons, please plan on a teacher/chaperone to student ratio of 1 adult for every 10 students.  Large groups will be slit into two smaller groups.  It is important that chaperones understand their role in supervising students.  Some museums have exposed artifacts and students should be instructed not to touch or sit on artifacts.  Students should also be instructed to use "inside voices" while in the museums and to stay with the tour guide at all times, especially while moving along the highway through Lincoln Historic Site.


Tours of Lincoln Historic Site are free for Educational Groups.


Our tour includes several locations with considerable time spent outdoors.  Temperatures can be 20-30 degrees cooler, especially on windy days.  Students should be encouraged to bring layered clothing.  Other considerations are sunscreen, umbrellas or bug repellant.


Food is not available for purchase on site.  Although food and drinks are not allowed inside the museums, tours have been scheduled to allow time for a lunch after completion of your tour or prior to the start of your tour time.  An outdoor amphitheatre near the Visitor's Center parking lot provides bench seating, picnic tables, shade and trash cans.

Parking & Bathrooms:

The Visitor's Center parking lot has parking and turn-around space for buses and private vehicles.  Bathrooms are available at the Visitor's Center, so it is recommended that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your tour start time to allow for a bathroom break.

Ready to schedule your tour?

Please contact Scott or Tiffanie to confirm your desired tour date and discuss additional details.  We hope to see you soon at Lincoln Historic Site!