Cervus canadensis

Filmed here is the majestic elk! Elk are related to deer but are much larger. Elk can be four to five feet tall without their antlers and up to nine feet tall with full antlers! Their antlers have been known to grow up to an inch a day. During the fall, the elk can be heard bugling, a noise that is actually a combined whistle and roar. Bulls (male elk) bugle in order to attract "cows" (female elk) during what is called "the rut." Though we are so pleased to have a small group of elk at Los Luceros, if you want to witness massive herds of elk and hear their majestic bugles check out the @Valles Caldera National Preserve
As always, thank you to PEEC Nature Center for allowing us to borrow the game cameras!

In between the Rio Grande and our pond there is a trail path that was created by animals. We knew beavers used this trail frequently, but we now have evidence that the elk do too. Watch the elk start off on the other side of the river and then emerge from the river path. Next we need to get a video of them swimming! A guest once informed us that they saw a herd of around 30 individuals on the site.