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Everything You Need to Know About Pueblo Culture and Feast Days

At Jemez Historic Site
4/28/24, Sunday

Martha Liebert Public Library

Marlon Magdalena, Instructional Coordinator at Jemez Historic Site, will share everything you need to know about Pueblo Culture and Feast Days, but were afraid to ask. The rich cultural heritage of New Mexico’s Native American Pueblos dates back thousands of years and has survived to the present. Their languages, music, oral history, and Feast Days are still practiced and celebrated. Some Feast Days are open to the public and, if attending, it helps to understand why these events occur and continue to be an important part of Pueblo lives. In this talk, Magdalena will use artifacts and replicas and explain their usage and meaning in Pueblo culture with a particular emphasis on the people of Jemez Pueblo.

Magdalena has been a ranger at the Jemez Historic Site since 2005 and is currently the Instructional Coordinator Supervisor. In addition, he is also a practicing musician who has appeared in the United Arab Emirates, Albuquerque Old Town, Cortez, Colorado as well as participating in the choir for Jemez Feast Days and occasionally composing songs for the dances there. He has given talks at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Chaco Canyon, and numerous schools, as well as conducting the Star Parties at Jemez Historic Site. He proudly participates in all aspects of Jemez life and will share his experiences in his presentation.

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