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Men of Troop G, 8th Cavalry patrol Box Canyon, near Ft. Selden. Negative # 155008 (U.S. Army Signal Corps)The walls of Ft. Selden, as seen in 1965. Negative # 055338.The museum and John Gaw Meem-designed visitor's center at Coronado Historic Site.A replica of Kuaua Pueblo.A kiva caught in a New Mexico sunset.Sandia Peak stands tall over Coronado Historic Site.The ruins of Kuaua Pueblo.Amphitheater at El Camino Real Historic Trail Site.An Apache boy at Bosque Redondo.The bank of the Pecos River at Bosque Redondo.Indian commissary and rear view of company quarters, Fort Sumner, New Mexico, Bosque Redondo area. Negative #001815 U.S. soldiers watch over Navajo and Apache peoples at Bosque Redondo. The Apache would leave in the following months, while the Navajo were permitted to return to their native lands. The round up and forced march of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans was one of the most tragic periods in New Mexico's histoy.Construction at Ft. Sumner, at the Bosque Redondo reservation. From the Center for Southwest Research, University Libraries, University of New Mexico.Navajo people at the Bosque Redondo reservation.Looking down on Ft. Selden from the surrounding hills.The imposing New Mexico terrain looms over Ft. Selden.Reveille at Ft. Selden? Not quite. The clarity of the picture, the crumbling fort walls, and the modern flagpole suggest that this is a reenactment--or even the dedication of the monument itself. The flag appears accurate though, with only 38 stars.A wagon leaves the gates--and protection--of Ft. Selden for the unknown of the New Mexico frontier. Note, the line of trees planted along the fort's walls. Negative # 055045. An interesting mix of formal and informal poses at Ft. Selden. A few soliders stand at attention, a couple in the back have their arms folded, and almost no one appears to be in any kind of formation. Negative # 014523.The ruins of Kuaua Pueblo with Sandia Peak in the background. Negative # HP.2007.20.185 from the New Mexico Magazine collection.An aerial view of the ruins of Kuaua Pueblo next to the early Coronado State Monument visitor's center, early 1940's.The eastern end of Kuaua Pueblo.Dedication of Coronado State Monument in 1940. Negative # 057813 The excavation of San Jose de los Jemez Mission. Note, the worker at the foot of the ladder by the front door. Negative # 006410 The front of what was once San Jose de los Jemez Mission.The San Jose de los Jemez Mission.Lincoln County Courthouse in need of repair. While the photo looks old, it does not date back to the Lincoln County War days. Notice the Budweiser sign and car bumper at the extreme left.A team of oxen lumber past the Lincoln County Courthouse.Hanging out: Men patrol the gallows behind the Lincoln County Courthouse.The Camino Real cuts a swath through the New Mexico desert.Years of travel on the Camino Real has left a visible scar on the earth.Annual stargazing events are offered.Outdoor amphitheater space allows visitors to enjoy outdoor events.The view shed from the Center remains untouched as was seen by original travelers. Pottery on display at El Camino Real Historic Trail Site.Folk art at El Camino Real Historic Trail Site.Outside of the Camino Real Visitor's Center.The Lincoln County Courthouse, Lincoln, New MexicoThe ruins of San Jose de los Jemez Mission.

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