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Musical Group ''Time Was'' performing at Fort Stanton Live.At Fort Stanton Live, visitors can see Matt riding his horse carrying the American Flag with only 33 stars.The Commanding Officer's Quarters (building 1) on the parade ground. Built in 1877 to replace another structure on the same location, this building housed the post commander and his family. During the hospital years, this building housed the equivalent of the CO, the Medical Officer in Charge.Officer's quarters (building 13) exhibiting many changes from its original design. Built in 1855 as a single story, gabled roof, rock structure, this building has grown over time with the addition of the second story and gambrel roof, bay windows, pillared porches and dormers.Officers' Quarters (Building 4) built in 1855; housed four officers and their families.ChapelInside of Chapel.Guardhouse built in 1879 (building 8).Commanding Officer's Quarters (building 1).Officer's Quarters built in 1883 (building 3).Fort Administration building (building 9).BarracksGuardhouseCanteenThis Sentinel sculpture honors the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier.Chuck WagonMilitary WagonOffices, Storerooms, and Workshops.HospitalOfficers' QuartersOfficers' QuartersOfficers' QuartersYellow wildflowers that grow around the site.The museum and visitor's center.Historic Military InsigniaEntrance to Fort Selden Historic Site Visitor Center.Beer Bottle Exhibit. Beer killed more soldiers than the enemy did.Mount Robledo overlooking barracks ruins.Hospital RuinsMount Robledo overlooking barracks ruins.Mount Robledo ridge line through ruins.Hospital WardThis Sentinel sculpture honors the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier.Parade ground with hospital ruins.Bronze bas-reliefs, Sonny Rivera, artist.'A tributhe to the men of color who served and protected the western frontier.' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.'Meeting of the Nations' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.'Positioning the Canons' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.'Doing Laundry' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.'Guarding the Railroad' Sculpted by Sonny Rivera.

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