Coronado Historic Site


The story of Coronado Historic Site is complex and ever evolving. Staff, volunteers, and independent scientists actively conduct research on the thousands of artifacts that have been excavated from the site. As a result, new aspects of the site’s history are constantly brought to lightBelow are current projects involving various aspects of Coronado Historic Site's history. CLICK HERE to find out how to volunteer for one or more of these groups. 

Pottery Analysis Project

This project began in February of 2017 and was scheduled for only 10 weeks, it has grown beyond that and volunteers meet weekly to analyze pottery. This group is led by Hayward Franklin, an expert in southwestern prehistoric pottery. The group is sifting through thousands of sherds noting type, style, temper, paste and much more. They are helping us to better understand the time periods in which different parts of Kuaua were built. They have also uncovered pottery that was made in the Hopi area and in northern Mexico suggesting long-distance trade with the village of Kuaua. The group just completed analysis on artifacts excavated during the summer of 2017 at Coronado Historic Site and are now working on sherds from the 1930s digs that have never been analyzed. 

Isotope Analysis of Fish Bones

Jonathan Dombrosky, a PhD Candidate at the University of New Mexico, is assisting Coronado Historic Site with isotope analysis of fish bones that were excavated during the summer of 2017. Jon is interested in the environment from the past to the present and human relationships with it. His analysis on fish remains from Kuaua Pueblo is sponsored by the Friends of Coronado Historic Site. 

Archives and Mapping

Over the last several years, staff and volunteers at Coronado Historic Site have been digitizing thousands of pages of field notes from the excavations of Kuaua Pueblo. The information they gather has been compiled into a comprehensive GIS map housed on-site in the research library. This information is available to researchers interested in studying the site.