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Artist in Their Residence

Photograph by Featured Artist, Boderra Joe, titled "Twin Lakes Home".  Boderra and her work will be featured February 1- 14, 2021

Artists in Their Residence is a program at Bosque Redondo Memorial that highlights the art and scholarly work of local Native Americans.  During their residency, each artist or scholar will create a video of themselves demonstrating their craft, which will premiere on the New Mexico Historic Site's Facebook page (dates and times will be announced). Viewers will have an opportunity to engage with and ask questions directly to the artist during the premiere!


The featured work will then be donated by the artist or scholar to be a part of our exhibit. The Native American artists and scholars involved in the program cover a wide range of mediums, including poetry, silversmithing, jewelry designing, weaving, moccasin making, clothing designing, basket making, and photography. 

Here is the schedule of events:

Facebook Premiere



In their words….


Sam Slater

Moccasin Maker

I think that moccasins hold what is within the individual, very sacred is within the individual, very sacred power to some. I will share my knowledge and history of Diné moccasin making.

11/20/20 &11/27/20

Steve LaRance


I have traveled widely in my career and have conducted many workshops and given many presentations. I would like to share my knowledge

12/4/20 & 12/11/20

Luci Tapahonso


I will share through poetry and prose on how this period of history continues to be important in our lives today.


Ezekiel Argeanas

Bead work

Ezekiel has a long history with Bosque Redondo and commissioned and donated a woven biil dress and now returns to demonstrate beadwork

1/22/21 & 1/29/21

Julie Begay

Weaver and Jewelry Maker

I am a Dine' (Navajo), and I'm very proud of my heritage. I feel I have some education stuff to give.

2/5/21 & 2/12/21

Boderra Joe

Photographer and writer

I believe my participation will amplify and broaden Native/Indigenous existence that even during a pandemic, we and I are still creating, writing, believing, surviving because our world has not ended.