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The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs looks forward to welcoming the public back to our Historic Sites in the near future! Please check this website often for an announcement regarding our reopening plans, and to continue exploring our online programs. In the meantime, we are working diligently to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff by preparing our facilities. We will see you soon!

Virtual Events

Story Time

Story Time is a Facebook program to read stories appropriate for younger students

Story Time: Again, Josefina!

Written by Valerie Tripp. Illustrated by Jean-Paul Tribbles. Vingets by Susan McAliley. Published by Pleasant Co., Middleton, WI. as part of the American Girls Collection. In "Again, Josefina!", Josefina takes piano lessons from Tia Dolores. She wants to play as beautifully as her aunt does. But playing the piano is much harder than Josefina expected. Josefina is about to give up, when a Small inspiration convinces her to try again and again.

Story Time: E is for Enchantment

"E is for Enchantment: A New Mexico Alphabet" (2004) is written by Helen Foster James, and illustrated by Neecy Twinem. Brief rhymes for each letter of the alphabet, accompanied by longer explanatory text, present features of New Mexico.

Story Time: Apache

Apache Written by Heather Kissock and Jordan McGill (2010). Published by Weigl Publishers Inc. This book in the series highlights traditional ways of the Apache for young readers. Music and dance, art, tools, transportation, clothing, and housing are some of the topics in this informative series.

Story Time: Digging Up History

Written by Judy Monroe Peterson and published by New York: PowerKids Press (2009). This book offers insight into the fascinating field of archaeology. It examines what archaeologists do and what they have learned about past civilizations.

Story Time: Big Bird Visits Navajo Country

"Big Bird Visits Navajo Country" (1992) is written by Liza Alexander, illustrated by Maggie Swanson, and is a Sesame Street Golden Books. In this story, Big Bird visits the Navajo nation and stays with his pen-pal Joey and his family.

Story Time: The Goat in the Rug

Our first story,The Goat in the Rug by Charles Blood and Martin Link, and is illustrated by Nancy W. Parker. Published by Aladdin Paperbacks. Geraldine is a goat, and Glenmae, a Navajo weaver. One day, Glenmae decides to weave Geraldine into a rug. First Geraldine is clipped. Then her wool is spun into fine, strong yarn. Finally, Glenmae weaves the wool on her loom. They reader learns, along with Geraldine, about the care and pride involved in the weaving of a Navajo rug -- and about cooperation between friends. See the links below for our YouTube and a video explaining how to access the free library.

Video on how to access online books:
Free book access at:

Story Time: The Unbreakable Code

This story,The Unbreakable Code, is by Sara Hoagland Hunter and illustrated by Julia Miner. Published by Cooper Square Publishing Llc.John's mother is getting married and he has to leave the reservation. John's grandfather tells him he has the special unbreakable code to take with him. This story portrays the quiet pride of a Navajo code talker as he explains to his grandson how the Navajo language, faith and ingenuity helped win World War II.

Video on how to access online books:
Free book access at:

A Dine (Navajo) oral history about a woman who gets caught out in a snow storm while taking care of her sheep and survives with the help of Grandfather Owl. Sharing stories has been an important part of every culture all over the world. It is a way to teach younger generations their history, to entertain, to inspire, to learn. With so many of us staying home as much as possible, this is a time where we can all engage with storytelling.

This is a video showing how to use the Internet Archive to check out free digital library books. The book Monster Slayer will be used with lessons on our website for young students. You can follow along with the reading or read on your own.